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FT Ch. C .I.B, C.I.E, BE Ch (with work qualific.), Dt. Ch VDH MANDARAL FIRST EDITION- FTW Bundessieger'12,
Field Trial Champion Angl'17 Field Trial Champion Franç '15, Field Trialer à la Française'13, Field Trialer à l'Anglaise '15

(Import France)

Called: Jimbei
Date of Birth:


Field Trial Champion à l'anglaise '17
Field Trialer (à l'Anglaise) '15
Field Trial Champion (à la Française) '15
German VDH Champion '14
International Beauty Champion Ch.I.B '14
International Show Champion C.I.E '14
Belgian Beauty Champion '13 (with work qualification)
Field Trialer'13
Best In Show Régionale D'élevage Fontainbleau '14 (FR)
Best In Show Retriever Happening Will To Please '13
Bundessieger '12
Selection BFRC '12
Hopking '14
Hopprince '11

BOB Junior - BIS puppy
2x BIS - 3 rd place Group 8, 2nd BIS working dogs
res BOS Belgian Flatcoated Retriever Clubshow 2012

HD : B1
ED : 0/0

Patella : free
Eyes : totaly free of hereditary eyes diseases
Gonio: not affected
teeth : complete scissors bite
DNA:BBEe (black, carries yellow)
Official genetic identification by DNA-code
admission LOSH breeding
Jimbei is also in France a recommended Stud dog

Hunting & obedience
* Jimbei is in full hunting training
* participation in hunts in Belgium and France
* participates on Workingtests in open class

* res CAC (angl) = CACT : Field Trial Anglaise Tréglonou 12/11/'17&
Field Trial Champion à l'anglaise (open)
* res CACT (angl) Field Trial Anglaise Tréglonou 22/10/'17
* CACT (angl) Field Trial Anglaise Festubert 13/11/'16
* 1st place Working Test Fontainebleau in open class
* Field Trial Champion (Française) '15
* res CACT (angl) = CACT : Field Trial Anglaise St Pierre des Ifs 25/01/'15
* Trialer 2013
* CACT Field Trial Coullons 09/11/'14
* CACT Field Trial Coullons 08/11/'14
* CACT Field Trial Chalmaison 25/10/'14
* 1st Excellent on Field Trial: Field Trial Winner (FTW)
* Selectif B (épreuve B) succeeded on 14/04/2012
* participates on Workingtests in novice class
* 3e place 94/100 Working Test Anzegem in novice class
* TAN & Selectif A : succeeded on 08/05/2011
* National obedience certificate St. Hubertus: succeeded on 14/05/2011
* sociabilitytest : succeeded

more information (see hunting & obedience)

pedigree 5 generations : click:
Jimbei is a gentle, sweet and very playful boy and the best friend forever of our Iggy.
He’s very excitably and really loves to work with a lot of passion and speed.
Jimbei became Field Trial Champion on 24/11/2014 and is still in hunting training.
At the age of 1 year and 3 days, he earned his basis obedience certificate (Sint-Hubertus Belgium). .
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